Passing on a life lesson at my expense


I don’t know how many times I remember hearing from my dad, “you might be smarter than me, but I’m more experienced than you”.
Life has a way of teaching us many lessons. It’s up to us to be willing to learn from our mistakes AND to listen to others to avoid making the same mistakes they’ve made or be encouraged to do what they’ve done positively.
As a parent, we desperately want what”s best for our children and so we are “advising” them all the time, maybe too much at times 😊.
Well, I wanted to pass along a life lesson to you that I’ve learned the hard way. The important lesson has to do with “thinking ahead”, that is “anticipating”.
Paul Allaire, a former CEO of Xerox once said, “if you can anticipate the future, you can help shape it”.

As a strategic person, I totally believe that. The issue though for me is consistency. Its a matter of not letting my guard down, but trying to consistently anticipate all the time and making adjustments because of it.

So, recently, I was doing some work on my garage. I had to replace a board right under the roof. Unfortunately, I had just given my ladder to my daughter to do some painting at her new house. So rather than waiting to do my project until I got my ladder back from her, I did the next best thing (because I obsess over closure), I drove one of our 14-year-old cars under the roof and used that to step on (smart, huh!).
All was going fine, until the very end. I was almost done and I had a few tools left on the roof: a hammer, a crowbar, and a tape measure.
I had to take one more measurement and after doing so, I put the tape measure back on the roof. I turned my attention away for just a minute, and then glanced back to my right and saw the tape measure sliding down the roof and, then OFF the roof! CRASH! right on the windshield of my car—-UGH!

My lapse in judgement cost me $165 as I needed to replace the windshield and I couldn’t blame anyone other than myself.
It was all my mistake. I knew it and it was so frustrating to me because I was so foolish to not anticipate what could happen. I had gotten lazy in my thinking.

My encouragement to you all is to persevere in giving life your best effort. In this case, take the time to think ahead and prepare for what may be. If you don’t, you might get caught regretting something that could have been so easily avoided.


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