It’s not enough to be …


There is a verse in the Bible that says “now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we could ever hope for or imagine, …
I love that verse for so many reasons. One of the reasons is that I love the truth that despite any “hopeless” situation we encounter, God is able to come through in miraculous, loving, and creative ways- more than we could ever imagine. I love that.

Another reason I love it is because of God’s role modeling example that comes from it. God does not just want to “satisfy” our desires, He wants to lovingly blow them away. He wants to exceed our expectations, always guided in His wisdom and love.

For us, we can follow His example by not only wanting to clearly understand the expectations of our boss at work, but to look to blow those away —to exceed them.

Employees that just do what is expected don’t stand out. Their performance is satisfactory, but nothing special. What they are doing is just what is expected of them. However, if we seek to follow God’s example, I believe we should strive to blow people away with superior performance–far exceeding expectations.

Those employees that go far beyond what is expected will stand out. They will be noticed. And with that kind of motivation, you will then also have the opportunity to declare before others your gratefulness for God giving you that “exceeding expectations” perspective to energize you.

So, first of all, focus on accomplishing what you are responsible for. Then, look to find ways to stretch yourself to do be more productive to your employers.

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