How does your leadership team compare? (excerpt from Patrick Lencioni)


As leaders, which I’m coming to understand make up an increasing percentage of my blog’s followers, I thought this little excerpt from Patrick Lencioni’s “Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team” would be appreciated by you. What’s listed below is a list of 5 dysfunctions of a team, as well as a brief contrasting description of how a well-organized team functions.

So, how does the leadership team that you work with compare with this list?

1) absence of trust–members of a great team trust one another. They are vulnerable with each other about their weaknesses, mistakes, fears, and behaviors…..this is essential because
2) fear of conflict – they are not afraid to engage in passionate dialogue around issues and decisions that are key to the organization’s success. They do not hesitate to disagree with, challenge, and question one another, all in the spirit of finding the best answers, discovering the truth, and making great decisions…..this is important because
3) lack of commitment—great teams are able to get buy in because they ensure that all opinions and ideas are put on the table and considered, giving, confidence to team members that no stone has been left unturned. this is critical because
4) avoidance of accountability-— teams that commit to decisions and standards of performance do not hesitate to hold one another accountable for adhering to those decisions and standards. They also don’t have to go through just the head person, they will hold their peers accountable….that matters because
5) Inattention to results— they will set aside their individual needs and agendas and focus almost exclusively on what is best for the team. They do not give the temptation to place their departments, career aspirations, or ego-driven status ahead of the collective results that define team success


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