Some candid thoughts on “grief” from John Wooden


Here are a few candid thoughts about Grief from John Wooden, (former coach of UCLA’s Men’s Basketball teams).

John Wooden is one of the greatest basketball coaches in history. His UCLA Bruins won 10 championships in a 12 year period of time (7 in a row)! As he reflected on his life, he mentioned that there were three times of devastation when he had to question God’s actions (not His existence). One time was when his wife of 53 years died. Another time was when his great-grandson was born with birth disorders. The third time was when his younger brother died.

“I’ve always taught the importance of keeping our emotions under control, but we must deal with grief when it comes. Grief controlled me for a season, and that’s natural, I suppose. When grief passed, so did the questions. I was able to get back to the reality that God is far greater than I am, and to see that I must accept His actions, even if I do not understand them at the time”.

John Wooden


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