Book review- Paul David Tripp – “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands”


My standard practice when I read a book is to highlight key points or phrases in pencil and then, after I have read the book, I will go back and put those notes in my IPad so I can reference them later. In some way, its like I get to go through each book about one and a half times. It takes time, but I feel like I get to think on the content of these books a little longer than I normally would if I just read right through it.

Anyway, the latest book I have gone through is a book that is just filled with notes for me to transfer over to my tablet. It is loaded with great content.

I think what I really appreciate in this book is its focus on the teaching that every person has a responsibility to be involved in ministry. Every one of us is involved in influential relationships. Each and every day, there are people, we listen to and talk with. So, what we say in a sense conveys some foundation of thinking and perspective. Does that thinking encourage them to think more about God and live in a way that pleases Him, or does it encourage their independence from God.

We all have a huge responsibility and a huge opportunity to serve God in the way that we relate to others. This book will help give us a vision for that calling and to be more effective at it.

Check it out.

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