Do you have a “racing” mentality?


I was driving home today from work and the strangest feeling came over me. I felt like I was just transported from one scene in a movie (coming home from my regular job) to a totally different movie scene (where I was entering a NASCAR race). Drivers all around me were weaving in and out, passing each other, stopping abruptly, starting quick, etc. It was an intensive 35 minute drive (or rather race) home.

As I was reflecting on the race I was just in, I thought about how often I hear people talk about these very things. “I made really good time going there” someone will say. I hear statements like that a lot. It seems like every time I get in a car I should be getting into a “racing” mentality. I wonder what’s the hurry.

I’m just thinking to myself how many sights are missed on the way because going at the speed most people go, it would be dangerous to take their eyes off the road. I think about people’s adrenaline and stress levels as they are trying to get to their destinations in “record time”. I think about the relaxed conversation that could be had with others in the car because doing so would take away from the need to be paying attention to the drive. Lastly, I think about the missed opportunities the driver has to evaluate the circumstances of their life; questioning what they are learning, where they could improve? or what problems they could be thinking through? or the music they could be really enjoying, or thinking about the consequences of the news stories that are going on, or who they could be praying for?

Mind you, rushing through life is more than just a driving issue. I know that because this is one area I need a lot of help. Although I try to keep the speed limit when I drive, in many areas of my life, I am going in and out from one thing to the other. I often go through my daily checklist of to-do’s like I was being timed.

I don’t know about you, but I am trying to get better at taking my foot off the gas and enjoying the “drive of life”. I’m striving to enjoy each sight and sound and relationship I experience.

There really are no practice laps in this race called life. We all only get one shot at it. So, why stress out and rush through it.


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