Are we prescribing the good, or the Best?


Let me say, right up front that despite the differences in our outward economic circumstances and physical appearances, we all, as humans have many things in common.

We all have times of fear, discouragement, worry, joy, pride, satisfaction, etc.

One thing that comes to mind in our common human experience are those times when someone comes to us for encouragement and advice.

23529944-doctor-giving-a-prescription-to-a-patient[1] (don’t worry, you can trust me- it’s a doctor giving a patient a prescription).

Like the doctor in this image, many of us who are Christians do a good thing to those who come to us with some need- we listen and then, we give a “prescription” of Bible verses. “Go home, read these, and you should get better.”

Our hearts are in the right place. We want to help, but I don’t believe we go far enough .

Rather than passing on a prescription of Bible verses, maybe instead, we need to change the illustration. Rather than giving a prescription to someone, maybe we need to be giving them a referral and the number of a Specialist. We can feel confident about referring others to this Specialist, because this Great Physician is also helping us. He is willing and able to personally get involved in our lives.

Recommend the best over the good. After all, our living God, the great Physician is better than just a prescription.


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