Is your organization ready to grow?


Imagine that you are a project manager. You are given a job to do by a real estate development firm. They own a forty story building and they have a dream to expand their building by another twenty stories.

After hearing the details of their vision, do you immediately contact builders to start adding the steel to frame up these additional stories? No way!

The reason being you will need to initially evaluate the existing forty story structure, as well as the foundation to make sure it is able to support the owner’s vision for adding twenty more stories. Does it make sense to expand?

I mention this illustration because sometimes it seems like organizations can be so busy thinking about adding on some vision (and then wanting to act on that dream) that they overlook evaluating their current structures to make sure that they are first of all healthy and being the best they can be.

Vision is a good thing, but part of vision is seeing the big picture, which includes not only future expansion areas, but your current realities.

So, before moving on to new things, take some time to ask yourself, or your team:
– does your organization need to eliminate some current things that are not being done well, or that has lost its passion, or significance
– are the things you are currently doing (that really do matter), are those things being done well, to the best of your abilities?
– are you resourced well enough to continue supporting your existing structures, as well as having the ability to expand with your new dream in mind?
– has the “big picture vision” of performing well in your current structures as well as the dream for expansion been communicated thoroughly to all your team and supporters and do you have their buy-in?
-has your leadership team been brutally honest with all these questions (and more) and do you have full support to move forward?

It is a good thing to have desires for growth and new dreams for expansion. But be careful. In all your looking down the road at the future, don’t overlook what is happening right now below your feet. Build your dreams on a strong foundation.


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