Taking time to benefit from valuable life lessons


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how many opportunities there are throughout the day to learn if I would just take the time to do so.

How could I have improved my part in that conversation I just had?

In that near accident that I just saw this other driver have, is there any take away for me with my driving habits?

Watching some of the tennis matches of Wimbledon, (something enjoyable for me), is there anything I can learn from watching these tennis pros?

On and on it could go. There are so many life lessons all around me to be absorbed if I would just slow down to benefit from them.

Another one that comes to my mind is the dual emotions that come from parenting. I think Martina McBrides says it well in the song, “Blessed” :

“I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones that love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed”

What stands out to me in these insightful lyrics is how blessed I can be as a parent. However, in that blessing comes the extreme emotions of being loved by others, but at the same time, to love other people so much that it hurts.

Sure, there are the joys of watching children, learn to talk and walk; and learn to ride their first bike and read. What a joy it is to see them develop from children to responsible adults. And few things can get a parent to be as grateful as when your child does something selflessly for others and when others express their appreciation for the character of your child. Having experienced those comments with my own children over the years, I am a grateful parent.

But there are also the emotionally difficult times of parenting when you watch your kids when they get sick, or when they experience a major disappointment, or they get hurt by someone. Those times are just hard to watch as a parent.

Then, there is another time in their life, when they are ready to “leave the nest”. As a parent, I can be so excited for them and this new stage of life they are entering, but then there are the failings and tough learning times I know that they will have to experience that are so difficult to watch them go through. I understand these hard times are necessary for their maturing, but they are just still so difficult to observe.

Lastly, I think there is one more life lesson to learn regarding parenting. With all the “hurt” I have for my children because of my love I have for them, I’m overwhelmed to think that my Heavenly Father would be willing to turn His back on His son, Jesus Christ while He hung on a cross. The Father had always been with the Son, however, when Jesus Christ hung there on the cross with all of our sin upon Him, the holiness of God would cause the Father to turn away from the fithiness of sin. The Father had to give the Son up to accomplish what Jesus was called to do (to take humanity’s sin and the judgement of God for that sin upon Himself) , so that you and I could be reconciled back to God.

The Father had to let the Son do this, but can anyone even fathom one degree of the pain the Father had watching His Son being beaten, mocked, and tortured knowing it had to be so.

Although the resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred and the victory over sin was accomplished, the physical scars still remain on Jesus’ resurrected, glorious Hands and maybe the emotional scars still remain with the Father.


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