What tasks are you needing to let go of?


“As author, Peter Block stated, “We are reluctant to let go of the belief that if I am to care for something, I must controel it.” So many people people progress in their careers hoping to ensure short term success by tight oversight while long-term success slips away. For the few who do manage to let go and focus on achieveing success through others, the rewards of an extraordinary career become highly attainable.”

excerpt taken from “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers” by James M. Citrin and Richard A. Smith

Individual productivity can only accomplish so much, however, when you are able to delegate to others, sharing the burdens and responsibilities, you can exponentially accomplish more and in the process, help others to develop their skills.

Leaders (bosses and parents), what tasks are you taking upon yourself that you should be letting go of to others?

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