Was that an angel at the accident scene?


Okay –time for an interesting experiment. Get a clear glass and pour some oil in it and the same amount of water. What happens? Well, I’ll tell you, but its still worth seeing for yourself. What happens is that the fluids will form two distinct layers.

I love that experiment because it illustrates so well an important reality to life: life is made up of two realms. There is an earthly realm that we see all around us. It tends to operate under logical and orderly, and explainable principles and laws of nature, for example, the law of gravity.

However, there is a second realm of life that is also real, but is mostly a mystery to us. It is the world of angels and demons, of God and Satan. It explains miracles and the supernatural. For many people, their minds can not accept anything beyond what they can see and touch, so this second realm is dismissed as fantasy or foolishness. They are quick to deny the existence of God because they realize that by doing so, they would need to recognize their smallness and submit to one, much greater than they.

I would like you to consider angel at Missouri accident scene, a reliable source that seems to be unexplainable, if a second realm doesn’t exist. And if you are a person like I am that does believe in a second realm, it seems to just make sense, although it is still overwhelming to think of how little I understand about this second realm.

So, I leave you with this question, “what if it was an angel at the accident scene?” Should that get you to pause to think what else might be true about the second realm -the spiritual? Should you be asking yourself another valid question: “will it make any difference in my life if it is true that there is this second realm of God and angels, etc. and I choose to just ignore it?


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