Why would anyone turn down a great job?


For anyone considering changing jobs or careers, for whatever reason, I hope that you find this excerpt helpful. It is taken from “The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers” by James M. Citrin and Richard A. Smith:

“Why would anyone in their right mind turn down a great job? Because “great” is often a matter of someone else’s definition of success, not yours. Successful people position themselves in jobs they know they’re going to do exceedingly well at, where they will be excited to come to work nearly every day, rather than situations where they are likely to perform in a mediocre way.
They even allow themseles to drift along in the early stages of their career , gathering experiences in a wide variety of functional areas and naturally gravitating toward the things they do best and like the most. They don’t try to force themselves up someone else’s career ladder. They “drift strategically, ” hwoever, testing out different points in the workplace to determine where their true strengths, passions, and fit lie.”


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