Use your spiritual wealth now and pray


“Unbeknownst to her supporters, a blind beggar who was a fixture on the streets of Saudi Arabia was actually a millionaire, and reportedly left everything to the poor.
According to the Saudi Gazette, Eisha — a 100-year-old woman who spent her days panhandling in the town of Jeddah — amassed a sizeable fortune throughout her life. Before she died, she gave her friend, Ahmad Al-Saeedi, her will which states that her money and possessions should go to the needy, Arab News reported.
Altogether she had Saudi Riyal 3 million in cash (about US $800,000), Saudi Riyal 1 million worth of jewelry (about US $266,000) and owned four buildings in the Al-Balad district of Jeddah, according to Arab News.
She let a number of families stay in her buildings for free, but now that she has died, they may be forced to vacate their homes.
When Al-Saeedi learned that his friend was wealthy, he said he advised her to give up panhandling.
“I asked her to give up this profession as she possessed a huge amount of wealth but she always refused and said she was preparing for hard times,” he told the Saudi Gazette.
From “100-Year-Old Saudi Beggar Was Secretly A Millionaire, Reportedly Left Fortune To The Poor”
The Huffington Post | By Eleanor Goldberg

Over the years, I’ve heard several stories like this. A person lives like they were very poor and then when they pass away, it is learned that they were actually very wealthy.

We have to wonder what kind of trauma they went through in their younger years that could affect their actions so that they lived so contrary to the truth (in this case, their great wealth). It is one thing to intentionally live in a very humble state and be generous toward others, but another thing to live under the oppression of a lie that leads you to think you are poor or that financial calamity is imminent-always living in stress.

My point in all this is that we are left to wonder “why?” when we hear of a person who has such great unused wealth, but for many, many people, including myself, we too often live in that same “poor, and weak state” when we too have riches and resources beyond our imaginations.

What I am talking about is being able to communicate with the living God. It is hard for me to think of prayer being anything but an amazing, awesome gift from God. Through prayer, we can express to Him our gratitude, praise, personal concerns, intercessions for others, and confessions.

In addition, we can hear from Him and be guided in our decisions, comforted in our concerns, and strengthened to persevere in our trials.

Like a father longing to connect to a teenage child who wants nothing to do with them, our God longs to be a part of our lives. His intentions are good. His motivations are loving. It is up to us to choose to open ourselves up to Him. What holds us back?

The vast amount of unused wealth that a deceived person has (like the woman in the story above) when they die could have been used while they were living to make their lives more comfortable. It could have been given to friends and family members to help make their lives more comfortable. It could have been given to needy individuals to help them with their pressing needs. It could have been given away to countless non-profit organizations to meet their many financial demands. But if those funds were hidden away and unused, they benefitted no one.

How about you and your prayer life? Do your prayers matter? Absolutely!

I am still learning the importance and power of prayer. In my own experience, I have seen countless times already when I have expressed my need to God in prayer and I have seen Him give me direction in finding lost keys or a cell phone, helped someone feel better, comforted someone with an insightful and timely word, brought about a windfall of unexpected sales to help me meet my sales goals, given me peace after a time of confession, and so much more.

Unused prayer benefits no one. Just like we wonder with many “why” and “what if” questions when we hear of stories like I mentioned above, so too, I believe God also has many “why” and “what if” thoughts toward us and why we don’t pray more.

How about today, we start living like the “rich” people we are and we pray for God to move and distribute His true wealth!

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