What do you tend to boast about ?


Two questions I have for you:
1) What do you get excited talking about? What is it that you look to speak about when you are talking with people, you know, where your conversations, on whatever topic they may start with, just tend to circle back to this one thing?
2) Apart from all the things you could talk about, even boast about: your family, your job, your appearance, your athleticism, your possessions, your wealth, your education, etc., how deeply could you talk about your understanding of who God is (not your academic (what you’ve been taught) knowledge, but your first-hand, experiential knowledge?
Depending on what you honestly answered, maybe its worth your effort to see if you might be missing something? Maybe you are setting for “good things”, but missing out on “the best thing”.

Jeremiah 9:23 This is what the Lord says:

“Let not the wise boast of their wisdom
or the strong boast of their strength
or the rich boast of their riches,
24 but let the one who boasts boast about this:
that they have the understanding to know me,
that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,
justice and righteousness on earth,
for in these I delight,”
declares the Lord. (NIV)


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