Eccentric, maybe? But my flowers will bloom all Summer


Okay–its time to be a bit vulnerable.
I have a unique personality that is results-oriented, and also very frugal. Like others I have talked to, I credit that character quality to the influence of my parents, who were themselves influenced by the sobering, life-altering experiences of the Great Depression (and its aftermath), and World War 2 and the Korean War.
Anyway, I also appreciate creativity and color. Springtime is a favorite season of mine as flowers bloom. I guess that’s the same reason I enjoy the Fall—the changing colors.
So, we come to Summer. Because I have had over the years, for whatever reason, a difficult time keeping flowers alive (too little water, too much water, etc.), I have resorted to a different kind of solution to meet my “need for color”. Silk flowers.
Okay, someone might say, I’m eccentric. So be it. Though I do wonder, why people, even businesses can have fake flowers indoors and not get the same reactions that I get with my outdoor planting.Go figure.
Besides providing a pleasing array of colors throughout the Summer, I also can reuse these flowers year by year, which appeals to my “being frugal” personality. (It also might be a solution in those areas where there are watering bans.)
So, what’s wrong with being a little different, huh?


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