Do you ever get confused, frustrated, or fearful in today’s culture?


Do you ever get confused by what’s going on in our culture? Do you ever get frustrated by what’s happening?

You may think that you are a good person, trying to do the right things and not getting into conflict with others, yet when you look around, you see a world that seems to be changing before your eyes and you don’t know how to respond?

Should you be concerned? Will things continue to trend away from morality standards you can agree with?

You are not alone if you have these thoughts. Should you continue thinking through these concerns? By all means!

“PREPARE” is a book written by J. Paul Nyquist, the President of Moody Bible Institute. It is outstanding!

I enjoy reading, but this book was something special. It was a three-day read for me. I just couldn’t put it down.

I try to look to the Bible to be my source of guidance in how I am to live. When it comes to getting a handle on all the changes in our culture and how I should be responding, to be honest, often times, I just get confused. I’m not sure really what to think or how to act.

So, I was refreshed by the content of this book, which helped me better understand what has been going in our culture, what most likely will take place in the future, and how I can have hope through it all.

Please make the time to read this book. You will be so glad you did. I can’t recommend it any stronger to you.



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