Money issues? Sometimes just a little perspective helps


Sometimes, when it comes to dealing with the stresses of money, a little perspective goes a long way. Here are some notes I took from Andy Stanley’s book, “How to be rich?” :

-anorexia—-the human mind is a powerful, yet fragile thing.–The irony for anorexics is that they’ve already mastered the thing they’re working so hard to achieve. They’re really good at losing weight. But they’re really bad at knowing when to stop. For them, the destination has taken a backseat to the journey. They’re so absorbed in the effort to get thin, they no longer recognize when they ARE thin.
-our civilized, industrialized culture invest the rest of us to compromise rational thought in another way. Not only does it encourage us to be thin, but it also encourages us to be rich. And the richer we become as a nation, the more our priorities seem to separate from what are true needs. Our basic requirements have long since been met, but our appetites for progress haven’t begun to turn off. When we look in the mirror, we see altered versions of what’s really there.

We’re so absorbed in the effort to get rich, we no longer recognize when we are rich.
-for example in our Western culture, …
-What’s more, there are households of three, four, or more people that send only one person out in the workplace to earn money. And with that one person’s earnings, the entire family can amass enough money in 5 days to give them food and shelter for seven days. In many cultures, that’s inconceivable. Outside of work that leaves at least 50 hours for nothing but leisure. …
– a salary of $37K would represent that you are in the top 96% of the world–you are rich.
-bad cell phone coverage–that’s a rich people problem
-where to go on a vacation–that’s a rich people problem
-computer crashed – that’s a rich people problem
-flight delays – that’s a rich people problem
-having a watering ban–that’s a rich people problem—-but just remember that many people, mostly women, carry jugs on their heads for hundreds of yards just so they can water for cooking and drinking. They couldn’t even imagine a place where there is so much water that people spray it over their lawns
-are you grateful?”


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