Guys its time for …


“Husbands love your wives” (col.3:19-nasb)

Could those 4 words be more direct? It sounds so simple and because most of us have heard an exhortation like this before, probably numerous tiimes, it can be pretty easy to just gloss over those words.

But the Bible does not have as its end goal, the increasing of knowledge into our brain.

The Bible does offer us instruction. It offers us the wisdom of God, but the insights from Almighty God are meant to be practiced.

So, what does “love your wives” mean?

That is yours, and that is my homework assignment. If God says to do it, I think it is our best interest to do so.

So, what does it mean for you, for me, this day to “love our wives”?

Like pushing a car and then popping the clutch to get it running, I want to start us off with a few suggestions on what “loving my wife” means to me.

– It means taking the time to listen to her
– It means spending time with her
– It means going on walks
– It means sharing with her what’s going on in my life
– It means asking for her input
– It means enjoying oneness, physically and emotionally
– It means working together on meeting “agreed upon goals”
– It means…. turn the key now and figure out all that “loving your wife” means to you and get going !

Guys, love your wives!


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