What you can do with your problems


It wont’ be a surprise to anyone for me to say that “advantages come to those who work hard and exert effort”. I think that’s generally a true statement and can be observed pretty easily in our world. Look at any top professional in any career, whether it be in education, medicine, sports, the arts, etc, people who are the best, practice their craft.

I want to extend the application of this general principle to a specific issue that we all encounter – problems. These problems can be with frustrations we experience, or irritations that affect us, an unexpected breakdown in something or with someone, or a weakness in some area in our organization. Whatever we want to call them, these problems come to us as something we initially classify as a negative.

It is at this crucial point in time that we have a key choice to make. We can either dwell on the negatives associated with that “problem”, or we can choose to identify this “negative” as an opportunity, believing that something good can come out of it.

This is where our efforts are desperately needed. What I’m describing is not so much a physical effort that we need to put forth, as much as a mental one. Recognize right up front that you are going to need to put in a lot of hard work to focus on the potential good that can come out of this situation AND to keep encouraging yourself to keep that attitude. It will not be easy.

The temptations will come for you to focus on the bad news and its impact on you. No one likes to have to deal with tough times, set backs, uncertainties, and inconveniences. However, if we see these negative circumstances as an opportunity for us to stretch our abilities, depend even more intensely on God’s faithfulness, seek the counsel and help of others, understand a more valuable lesson, etc., we will experience deep feelings of satisfaction when we break through our imagined mental boundaries and realize we have just experienced personalgrowth.

What “negative” or “tough” situations are you going through right now that, if you had a change in attitude, could result in a new, profound and positive direction for you? Take the time to go through a mental inventory to change those weights of dark clouds to rays of sunshine!


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