Moms & Dads, reflect on these “parenting gems”—by Clayton Christensen


Here are some gems about Parenting, which I took from my reading of the excellent book, “HOW WILL YOUR
MEASURE YOUR LIFE?” by Clayton Christensen

– When we consider our families–we need to provide life lessons and experiences that our child will need to be successful

– encourage them to stretch –to aim for lofty goals. If they don’t succeed, make sure you’re there to help them learn the right lesson; that when you aim to achieve great things, it is inevitable that sometimes you are going to make it. Have them learn and try again.

-We need to learn and celebrate our failures.

-its very tempting for many parents to step in to ensure that their child is always succeeding . But what are they getting from that?

-when kids do things for themselves, they learn how to plan and organize, how to divide up responsibilities, how to communicate among a group, and to appreciate what they actually put their own work into

-allow your child to see the consequences of neglecting responsibilities

-the important thing for a parent is, as always, to never give up, never stop trying to help your children get the right experiences to prepare them for life

-like at work where we judge people by their resume, by looking at a scorecard of what our children have achieved. But much more important in the long run is what courses our kids have taken as they’ve gone through the various schools of experience. More than any award or trophy, this is the best way to equip them for success as they venture into the world.


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