You are God’s possession-He takes care of His stuff


(this post is another study/devotion) from my memorizing/meditation efforts in Deuteronomy chapters 4-10)

Have you ever been to a person’s house that is a mess? I’m talking about being in a place that is almost shocking at the messiness in the home? Shirts and pants on the couch or floor, or chair. You see cups with half of something on the table. It makes you feel like at any minute you are going to take a step and find that your foot is attached to the carpet by old gum.

I remember being in a house like that once. Unfortunately, they were friends of mine. At first, I was going to make some joke about the mess as though it were some phase that they were going through, but then I realized that this is probably the way it is all the time for them, so I said nothing.

On the other hand, have you ever been in a home that could pass the
“white glove” test? There are no old clothes lying around, no toys, nothing. Not even any dust!
Right away, you think to yourself that these people take pride in keeping their house clean.

I think of another environment beside houses – cars. I’ve been in cars where again I was concerned I would be permanently attached to the seat because of some discarded gum I accidentally would sit on. The floors were filled with garbage. There was stuff thrown across the back seat. Actually, I’ve wondered in these kinds of situations if this person lived in their car.

Again, on the other hand, I’ve been in cars that I felt better about myself for just sitting in the vehicle. No wrappers lying around. The car seemed to be just washed. It even smelled good.

My point in these illustrations is that some owners take great pride in their possessions. They place high value on their possessions and take care of them well. The realize that the upkeep of their possessions is their responsibility and they take it seriously.

In the verses referenced below, taken chapters 4-10 of Deuteronomy, the Bible says that we are God’s possession. Wow!

Do you think God takes good care of His stuff? Without a doubt. He won’t neglect us. He won’t forget about us. On the contrary, God takes great pride in His possessions and wants to see them sparkle (having no flaws or defects). And even in those cases where we rebel from Him, as His possession, He will discipline us with the goal of restoring us.

Friends, God takes good care of His possessions and we are His possessions. We just need to trust Him to exercise care over us. We need to submit to His ways, obey His promptings, rest in our circumstances believing that all things will work out for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

And just like it would be weird if I went outside and washed my neighbor’s car without his permission (even with his permission it would be weird), so really we need to rest in the fact that we are really not our own. We were bought with a price (the precious blood of the Lamb).

If we are His possession, we need to rest in the belief that the Lord looks after His stuff well. For those that have yielded their lives to Jesus Christ, you are in good hands. If we submit ourselves to Him, over time, He will make our lives sparkle. He has the resources. He has the time. He has the wisdom. He has the love for His possessions to bring it about.

“We are His possession” verses (also Deuteronomy 14:2, 19:3)
4:20 – The Lord has taken them and brought them out of the iron furnace, from Egypt to be a people for His own possession
7:6– The Israelites were a holy people to The Lord their God. They were chosen to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples on the face of the earth

(and not only did He create us in the first place, but He redeemed us to become His possession)
7:8 He redeemed us from the house of slavery
9:26 The Israelites were His inheritance and His people that He redeemed by His great power and brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand
9:29- the Israelites were His people, His inheritance


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