Feeling betrayed? –there is hope


Recently, I felt betrayed by someone close to me. This person was pleasant to me, but soon afterward was cutting me down to someone else. I got angry and very frustrated, pretty much most of the day.

Then the prompting came to me to think about Jesus. As I read about His time on earth, I think about His miracles. They leave me in awe. His teachings leave me inspired and amazed at their wisdom.

However, there is another aspect of His life that I need to remind myself. Its important to remember that Jesus was fully God, but also fully human. He can relate to us now because He faced the same temptations and struggles we do (only more intensely).

Regarding the experience of being betrayed, it says in John 6:64 (nlt) But some of you do not believe me.” (For Jesus knew from the beginning which ones didn’t believe, and he knew who would betray him.).

Why is that so impressive? Because later on at the “Last Supper”- John 13:21-30, Jesus tells His twelve disciples that one of them will betray Him and no one knew who He was referring.

Do you see how amazing that is? For years, Jesus was involved very closely with His twelve disciples. He was doing 24/7 life with these guys.

But through all of the 3 1/2 years of Jesus’ ministry, no one saw Jesus ever having an attitude Judas, who He knew would betray Him. Jesus was dependent on the Holy Spirit to love, even someone who would betray Him to be crucified.

So, as I find myself being betrayed by someone I thought is a friend, my greatest need is to understand what my natural reaction is and then to understand that God is calling me to a much higher standard–a supernatural standard. He is calling me to, and wanting to enable me to love as He loved, even someone who would betray me.

And after I marvel at His faithfulness to get me through this situation and love this person, I find myself having a testimony to tell others that our Living God is there to help in times like this. How cool is that!


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