What kind of horse attitude do you have?


You are probably reading this title and thinking is this one of those surveys you see posted often on Facebook. What kind of animal would you be? What kind of color would you be? What kind of car would you be? etc.

Basically, what I mean by this question is for us to consider horses. I’m really thinking about two different kinds (though you could stretch the illustration to more).

I’m thinking though about a horse who runs wild? It is free to roam wherever it wishes. It has not been tamed. It does its own thing. A person who seeks to ride it is in store for an unforgettable battle dealing with the spirited temperament of this wild horse.

I can think of a time in my life when I was like that wild horse. I was out of control. I wanted to do my own thing and did not want to listen (or obey) anyone.

But, there is another kind of horse that I’m thinking about. Its the horse that has been broken. Its the horse that allows a rider to get on it and direct it to move left, or right, forward, or even backwards. Its a horse that trusts its rider and will take that rider into battle.

I’d like to think I have matured to where I have been broken by God and am learning to trust Him to guide me where He sees fit.

I still have my times of “being wild” wanting to do my own thing, but through His grace I am recognizing those times when they occur, and looking to turn more quickly to Him: admitting my mistake and desire to submit to His leading.

As a sidenote, as I think further about this illustration, I think about the greater productivity that occurs with the horse that has been tamed. This kind of horse can accomplish much for his rider. They make a great team.

A wild horse is on its own and just looks after itself with no benefit to anyone.

Be broken and trust your Heavenly Rider–He is a good God and seeks to enjoy your submission to Him and your usefulness to His purposes.


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