Book review – “ROTHSCHILD –the wealth and power of a dynasty” – by Derek Wilson


Fascinating! This 400+ page book was really a hard one to put down. I totally enjoyed it.

This book is a very thorough account of one of the wealthiest families over the past 150 years.

Reading this book was so helpful in better understanding this family’s history, and their influence on global affairs. This family impacted the conflict with Napoleon, European politics throughout the later 19th century, Egypt & the Suez Canal, World War 1, South Africa – and so much more.

It was interesting for me not only better understanding the financial intelligence and political influence behind these wealthy individuals, but also, it was very revealing about humanity in general.

As stories are told about this dynasty and their influence, it seemed like I was looking into the mirror of what humanity really looks like, both in its good moments and also in its ugly moments.

Another striking thing that I observed was the ugliness of ethnic prejudice. From reading this book, I could better understand how groups that are persecuted and ridiculed can form strong bonds,if nothing else just to survive.

I think I could go on and on about various thoughts that have come to my mind while reading this book, but for now, I will just encourage you to pick it up for yourselves and enjoy learning.


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