Excellence at what cost….. be careful


For anyone who follows this blog, you will know that I appreciate excellence. I have deep respect for teams like Duke’s Men’s Basketball team, Barcelona in soccer, the Denver Broncos in football, or the St. Louis Cardinals in baseball that can consistently be winners year after year. The same thing goes with individuals. I also have deep appreciation for individuals like Messi and Peyton Manning in the sports world, or Max Lucado as a writer, or Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley as speakers who put in the hard work, and consistently “bring it”.

Becoming the best at anything is a deep commitment. I get that. A person doesn’t get AND STAY at the top unless they are totally sold out to being their best.

I think of recent articles I have read about the extreme training obsession that LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, or Stephen Curry have put themselves through. I have also read of the musicians who are the very best at playing their instruments.

Another example of this is the trend of workers working longer hours.

But, I just wonder at what cost does that pursuit of excellence come? My question comes from my deep passion about the need to seek excellence My Balance Sheet in our lives. I just have a hard time seeing how a person can be over the top obsessed in pursuing excellence in one area, and not be dropping the ball in other areas of their life. I’m not saying any of the above-mentioned individuals aren’t also successful in other areas of their lives.

Its just that I have seen it happen numerous times to friends and family members in my life where someone has been overly focused on one area in their life, only to suffer the consequences of neglect in other areas of their life. Each time I hear about a situation like that it just grieves me.

So, to summarize my thoughts, I applaud the person who is successful in one area and has worked so hard to get to that level, but I just feel sorry for the neglected person (or people) that are the collateral damage because they are overlooked by a stronger drive someone has than with them.

Let me encourage you (and myself) as strongly as I can to pursue excellence, but IN My Balance SheetYou will never regret doing so.


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