Are you like a plane?


Are you living like a plane?
Maybe another way of saying it is “are you living up to your potential?”
Think of a plane:
* there is pressure for it to stay on the ground with just the sheer size and weight of it and having an empty gas tank–but that’s not what planes were made for
* so, a plane needs to be maintained and operated with unique skill sets. It needs to be fueled up by skilled people. It also needs competent people who can load it up with passenger’s luggage, and service them well as guests, and fly it, and so many others involved with its service.
* a plane is meant to serve people by getting them from one destnation to another
* a plane is meant to serve a company be being a revenue producer (think American Airlines), or a service provider (think of the Army carring soldiers and weapons to war)

In other words, planes are not useful when they are on the ground. They have specific purposes and are operated best when a team is involved with their use.
The same goes for us. Is it time for you to get out of your hangar (off your couch)and get “in the air”—to do what you were meant to do, or be?
Like the operation of a plane, you will need to come along side others who can employ their unique skill sets to yours and then, together you can fly!


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