Fathers, the way you live your life matters


The story is told in the 7th chapter of the Book of Joshua, in the Old Testament about a man named Achan. The Israelites were previously given instructions from God on what they should do in their battle against the city of Jericho. One of those instructions was not to personally take the gold and silver that they would seize in this battle.

However, temptation can be a powerful thing and Achan gave in to it and took gold and silver for himself.
The consequences came soon for his act of disobedience to God. In Israel’s next battle against a small little city, they lost and Israelites about 36 men died in that battle. God was sinned against and He could not offer His support to such a rebellious act.
On top of this tragedy of the 36 Israelite men dying, Achan’s family and possessions were also judged.

This sobering historical account made me think of today. I fear too many fathers today live their lives not giving enough thought to how influential they are to their children. True, we are all responsible for our own actions and attitudes. However, a father’s carelessness in how he lives can sure cause huge struggles for his children. Conversely, the stability and integrity of a father will lay a solid foundation for his children.

Tell me that a father who always has a bottle in his hands won’t influence his children’s openness for their experimenting with alcohol. Tell me that a father who frequently sits in front of the TV watching violent, or sexually explicit shows won’t impact the habits of his children.

Or positively, tell me that a father who is seen by his children consistently up every morning reading His Bible, then faithfully practicing those principles He is reading, won’t positively influence his kids for good.

Fathers, your life matters. What you do and what you say matters to your children. Embrace that responsibility and opportunity to make a healthy difference to those little ones you love!


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