“Meriwether Lewis”- a story of great adventure, courage, and a case study on leadership


A few weeks back, I was reading a book on leadership. The author had commented about the importance of having a very focused mission. He also went on to say that although the mission was a non-negotiable, the ways it could be accomplished could vary often. The author gave the example of the exploratory mission of Lewis & Clark.
I was intrigued. I had heard of these two men, but knew little about them.
So, I am pleased to pass along the recommended read, “Meriwether Lewis” by Richard Dillon.
So many times throughout this book, I kept wondering “has a movie ever been made of the Lewis & Clark expedition?” If not, there should be. It is a story of courage, adventure, leadership, and conflict.
With my busy schedule, it took less than a week to read this very thorough account of Meriwether Lewis’s trip, including those events that led up to it, a detailed accounting of what occurred on the trip, as well as many different consequences that resulted from it.
Looking to brush up on American history, and at the same time, getting a case study in leadership—–then enjoy this Summer reading suggestion.


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