Fight for Contentment


Now that’s an oxymoron isn’t it? That phrase just seems like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it?

Well, here’s what I mean by it. My standard of living could be described as “middle class”. There are so many areas of my life that I should be grateful for. I have cars in my driveway that help us get around in the suburbs. I have a beautiful, god-fearing wife. I have a job. We live in a nice-sized house. I eat three meals a day (actually more, if you count my snacks 🙂 . We are also, doing well in getting rid of most of our financial debt. On and on, I could go.

However, as I flip on the tv, I often will see the latest “trophy” wives, or husbands being displayed. I can watch shows that take me inside celebrity homes or the ultra rich. I see car commercials that blow me away with all their luxury features.

I can also go on the internet and see articles about how Lebron James, or Ronaldo spends their millions of dollars.

My point in all this is that I can easily find myself “oohing, and ahhing” over all the bells and whistles that money can buy and attract. I can feel within me a discontent surfacing over my current standard of living and realizing that there are people that have so much more than I do. I can also find myself feeling stress over thinking about how to afford more stuff.

But, then I have moments of revelation that slap me in my face, where I tell myself, fight for contentment”. I think about the few things which really matter in life (peace with God, having food and clothing, having deep relationships with others).

I tell myself to reset my thinking from looking at the things I don’t have to those many things I do have.

When I am in my right mind AND when I can be encouraged by others that this is truly a healthy way of thinking, I can experience the victory of a battle and I can be encouraged to keep fighting to win the war for being content (and grateful).


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