“Outward” book review – Russell Moore


Christian, these are exciting times. If you are a Christ follower, you should be enthused about the future.


If you objectively look at our culture, we seem to be in a post-Christian culture. The Bible has been taken out of our schools and our front lawns. Meaningful public prayer is something that is frowned upon or legislated against. The exalting of each person seems to have triumphed. Let each person do what is right in their own eyes seems to be the cry from the streets and in our legislative buildings. Some could say, “these are truly dark times indeed”.

But, Christian, to what are we called? We are called to live in a Spirit-led, obedient, loving way, so that we appear as lights to our culture. Our task is not to smack our culture with Bible verses but interact with people out of love and character. We are to live our lives, which are first of all, pure before God in our doctrinal beliefs, but then also lovingly consistent in our actions.

“OUTWARD” is a new book by Russell D. Moore. He is the current President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. For me, it was well written and it stirred my perspective to see the opportunities that exist for us, as Christians to make a difference in our culture and to the Kingdom of God.

That last phrase especially, “the Kingdom of God” was especially riveting for me. As Russell Moore points out, the goal is not to make the pluralistic United States, a Christian America, replacing the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. It won’t happen. However, we can influence individuals, one at a time to be followers of Christ and live with Kingdom values to make differences where we can.

You will be challenged and motivated after reading this book.


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