Asking my wife to help with a car repair


This post might seem a bit strange, maybe crossing the line between work and home. Many companies will do personality tests for prospective employees, for example, Strengthfinders 2.0 (by Tom Rath). Its a book that helps identify a person’s strengths.

Well, for about the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about the Strengthfinders’ results for my wife. (I had actually had my wife and all my adult children take the Strengthfinders’ assessment because I wanted to better understand each of them. I wanted to be able to better encourage each of them in their own unique strengths and giftings).

Anyway, my wife is very strong in problem solving and has a very logical mind. So, this past weekend I was replacing a headlight bulb in my car, but accidently jiggled free a clasp that was a part of holding the bulb in the socket. For the life of me, I just could not figure out how to get it back to working correctly. (by the way, as anyone who knows me will verify, unless I have duct tape, I can’t fix a thing).

In a refreshing kind of way, I thought about my wife and nicely asked her for her help, which she was gracious enough to drop what she was doing to help me. She worked on it for about 10-15 minutes trying to figure it all out (while I was letting her do that and praying for her to be able to fix it).

It was a very relaxed kind of situation and then, it happened. She was able to fix it. It all went so well.

I thank the Lord for His help and equipping each of us in such unique ways, especially in this case for my wife. I was also thankful He helped me to put aside my pride and ask for help from my wife who is gifted in areas I’m not. It doesn’t always happen, but this was one occasion that I think the partnership of our marriage worked out really well. This experience encouraged me to look for assistance from others with strengths different than my own.


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