“Do you believe?”– movie review


After wiping the many tears from my eyes to write this, I would strongly encourage you all to watch this new movie and to wrestle with the theme of this movie: do you believe in God?

So often, the life I’m familiar with is lived in such a superficial kind of way. I run into people and say “hi”, and “how are you doing?” and then keep on moving. At least in my life, I don’t find myself getting too deep in conversations with people and so when it occurs, it is something precious to me.

Well, this movie gives you an inner look into the lives of 12 people and how they interact with the existence of God. I thought it was very realistic and it was intense. Very moving!

It was about life and it was about death. It was about things that really matter, but too often we don’t think about because of so many distractions.

Go and see it!


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