How reliable is your brain’s GPS?


Recently, I was out of town on a business trip. While there I had to visit several clients in this city. To get around all I did is plug the company’s addresses on my GPS phone app and submitted then to every direction the robotic woman’s voice gave me.

It struck me as I was being led by this mobile computer that what it was doing is coordinating my location with maps it has in its database and then in a super-fast way helping me to get from point A to point B (and some times RECALCULATING if I miss a turn).

However, if there were any recent road construction projects that were not updated in my GPS database, I would have to make some best guess decisions on my own. Basically, my GPS app is only as good as the information inputted in it.

You know, our lives are kind of like that. Just like I follow my GPS’ instructions, you too, are following your brain’s directions.

Here is my point in all this, your GPS app and your brain are only as good as the information inputted in it –right! Its really no different between your brain and your GPS app on your phone.

So, my question for you is how careful are you to monitor and update what information you are inputting in to your brain?

Here are a couple of things to think about with this analogy:

* think of how unsettling it would be if your GPS downloaded the wrong street info for the city you are driving in. Now think about how careful you are with the info you download into your brain’s database, which is directing you in the way you live our your life

* do you believe that taking WRONG advice from your brain could also be problematic for you? Is it something you might want to consider evaluating on how reliable this info is?
* for example, when is the last time you updated your brain’s GPS and read a book, attended a conference? Or sought advice from someone smarter than you on some subject ?
* have you ever asked yourself, “is there really a BEST source information on how to live my life?” (I have an answer for that, but I will leave you to settle that on your own, or search for it on your own)

As you look at where your life is now, or maybe where the trend lines are heading, maybe its time to pull over and let your brain go to “RECALCULATING.


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