Your work might be killing you


“According to a Gallup poll, the average workweek is nearer fifty hours than forty….leaders who carry smartphones work more than seventy hours a week!” excerpt from Michael Hyatt’s “Shave ten hours off your workweek”.

With that kind of craziness, it is imperative for each of us to evaluate our schedules because an excess of working too manyt hours will have consequences- probably more than we think:
(again from Michael Hyatt)
1)first it can cost us our career–after putting in so many hours for a long time, our productivity starts to decline…and we are burning ourselves out
2) it can cost us our health-not sleeping as we should, not getting enough exercise, leading to being unhealthy, stressed, and depressed
3) it can cost us our sanity- being weary and worn out can lead to all sorts of non-healthy emotional and physical consequences
4) it can cost us our family-our excess workload is a tough burden for our family to carry in our absence. Our family needs our presence (more than our presents)!

Let me encourage you to back off a bit from your work if you are consistently putting in too many hours at work.

You have other responsibilities. Take the time to evaluate all the areas of your responsiblities to avoid neglecting any of them.


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