Get fueled up with high octane “encouragement”


Have you ever felt the stress of seeing the needle on your gas tank guage at empty (or below empty)? Its not fun. Fortunately, I’ve never totally run out of gas, but I know of those who have had that experience. Ugh!

Many people today find themselves at one time or another depleted in another kind of way–encouragement and hope. These people, of which I am one, persevere day after day, often without encouragement or appreciation from others and we can get drained, so that we are just living on fumes.

When all of a sudden, someone unexpectedly gives us a word of encouragement and thanks, it just lifts our spirit and energizes us.

That happened to me last night. Although I get lots of “likes” and “retweets” of my daily posts, someone went beyond that and sent me a personal word of encouragement letting me know how much they appreciate my heart and the content of my blog.

Wow, I can’t tell you how uplifting it was to know that someone had made that extra effort to write me that word of encouragement.

That one act of kindness stirred me up to want to be on the alert for someone I can encourage.

It doesn’t take much effort, really. Just a bit of selflessness in being considerate of others and responsive.

How about you? Who can you encourage today and fill up their tank?


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