He committed a “Love Crime”


Is being called a “sinner” a HATE CRIME? Now before you react to that statement, please hear me out.

I’m not sure what you are thinking right now. I don’t know if you have in mind any particular ethnic group, or any specific person who practices a particular social behavior, but the truth is before a holy God, we are all sinners–every single one of us.

It is not an issue of me judging you, or you judging me. It is not an issue of our differences: economically, or with our ethnicity, or even our physical appearance. Its not an issue of any person comparing themselves in any kind of way with another person. We are all in the sample place before a Holy God. We all start out separated from Him.

What is sin? In very down to earth wording it is our choosing to be independent from God. Its a defiant mindset saying I will live according to my desires and will without believing there is a need to submit to the will of God.

Does God hate sin? Without a doubt. Is God a punisher of people who blow Him off and rebel against Him? Well, He is not a God who seeks to punish us now. Far from it, He sees our separation from Him, and in love for us, seeks for us to forgiven, and reconciled back with Him.

In fact, Jesus dying on a cross, roughly 2000 years ago is the greatest example of a LOVE CRIME that has ever been. He was hung on a cross as a criminal though He was continually called “innocent” by others. What had He done wrong—He Loved us, that’s what He did right!

Having the courage to mention to someone that living apart from having a relationship with Jesus Christ is not a good thing, well, its not an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, confronting people with the truth of our sinful human condition can lead to animosity, even hatred. But far from any perception of it being a “hate crime”, it is actually the most loving thing a person can do with someone else.

(please feel free to contact me at hwalter850@aol.com if you have any questions about how you can experience the awesome love and forgiveness of our Amazing God). That’s what this Easter season is all about.


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