How can we maximize our “vacation”?


Several years ago, our family went to Washington D.C. on vacation. It was not a restful time because there was so much to see and such a limited time. We were not sure if we would ever make it back to D.C. so we decided to “go for it”; and we did.
There were visits to Congress, the White House, the Viet Nam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Ford’s Theatre, the Holocaust Museum, etc. You get the point. Too much to do in too little time.
A person on a vacation knows this is not his “real life” that is, he has a job and a home somewhere else. So, for the short time he is on vacation in this new place, he looks to enjoy as many sights and experiences as he can.

So, too, for us as Christians, I believe God desires us to realize that our time on earth is just for a little while. Our permanent home is in Heaven with Him. Our time on earth is limited. So, we need to have a “spiritual vacation” mindset.

With the short time that we are here on earth, how can we maximize our time? That is a huge question! One way is to pursue getting as many comforts and experiences that will maximize our own desires. Eat the best foods, travel, have as much fun as we can, look to get as much respect and money as we can get so that we will feel good about our self. To be honest, most of us would agree that we have many of those desires.

Let me be quick to point out, I understand that life should be enjoyed and travel, food, money, nice things, and comfort are all good things to have and experience. No problem there. My concern is for a person focusing on all those things as though the gaining of all those things is what life here is all about.

But, is that motivation for life how God has called to live? When that day comes when we stand before our God, do we want to boast about our portfolio and scrapbooks, or do we want to have Him show us the lives that He impacted through us because of our selfless behaviors and putting others before our selves? Personally, I want Him to show me those times when He gave me the grace and desire to pray with someone, encourage someone, share my faith with someone, where I spent some time with someone who was hurting, and on and on.

My friends, let me encourage you to think of this time on earth, not as your home, but as a time of “spiritual vacation”. With God’s help, experience and enjoy the things that really matter the most- people.


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