Being intentional in loving my wife


Here are 5 ideas that I am working on to love my spouse. I may not accomplish.these every day, but this is a goal I’m willing to put time and effort towards because my wife is worth it.
1) partner with her in your finances: make a budget and stick to it. Sacrifice now for financial health in the future
2) touch her –just because (with no ulterior motives)
3) pray daily with her
4) take time to talk with her daily (and to listen)
5) be consistent in showing her good manners (treat her like a lady)

Without goals or a vision, we just kind of “do life”. However, with goals and vision, we accomplish the desires of our heart. We will see movement in the areas that are most important to us. Having a dynamic relationship with my spouse is one of my goals. Accomplishing this goal will take a great deal of effort. It will mean developing habits that will help contribute to making it happen. Oh, and one final thought, there is a world of difference between having good
intentions (a desire)and being intentional (working hard and focused). It is the latter, which will bring success to your goals


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