Do you know that you are most likely “rich”?


Do you know you are most likely “rich”?

I don’t know about you, but at times, I can look at a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett and say, “now, those guys are rich (which also means, “I am poor”). I can also look at others in the area where I live and notice their very nice houses and cars and say, “those people are wealthy” (which also means, I must be poor).

However, although I face the temptation often of playing the comparison game and thinking about all the things I don’t have, I think its also fair to get a different perspective on the issue of wealth on a global scale and recognize that I really am rich:

These are excerpts from Andy Stanley’s “how to be rich”
– a salary of $37K would represent that you are in the top 96% of the world–you are rich.
-bad cell phone coverage–that’s a rich people problem
-where to go on a vacation–that’s a rich people problem
-computer crashed – that’s a rich people problem
-flight delays – that’s a rich people problem
-having a watering ban–that’s a rich people problem (but just remember that many people, mostly women, carry jugs on their heads for hundreds of yards just so they can water for cooking and drinking. They couldn’t even imagine a place where there is so much water that people spray it over their lawns)

Looking at life from a bigger perspective, I am rich (as probably you are as well).
Today, I want to take a pause from my “pursuit of wanting more” and enjoy the abundance of all I have (whether its more or less than my neighbor has).

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