Americans-learn from Korea…


I love some of these excerpts from the book, “MASH -an army surgeon in Korea”. I find that they are powerful in their patriotism, and their challenging call to each of us and our government to regain our dignified sense of purpose.

“There are battles worth fighting, they should be chosen with great care and fought with great purpose, but there are purposes worth fighting for. Korea was one.”

“Historically, in times of peace we have not prepared for war. In some ways that has been a wise course. In other ways, we have paid dearly for it. Preparedness is the job of the executive branch of our federal government and of the military. The yearning for preparedness is the job of the American people. It is the prerogative of the people to demand an appropriate level of preparedness for it is the people who will pay, as they did in Korea, for our failure to prepare. Our lesson is that the extraordinary courage and sacrifices of our young men and women are not appropriate substitutes for preparedness.”

“Medicine supports physical life but does not replace the purpose worth fighting for or build the human spirit. Korea was indeed an essential step in our nation’s search for a human purpose worth fight for. To find that sense of purpose, we must first define that purpose. And today, in the bantering of our politicians and the truculence of our business community and the rootlessness of our laws and courts, the definition of what is worth fighting eludes us.”


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