Do you have the will to survive? (tips from a Green Beret)


As a follow up to a recent post I’ve sent on dealing catastrophes, I thought we could all benefit from some thoughts from Mykel Hawke, a former Green Beret. Again the context has to do with more external survival situations, but I thought there are many take a ways to apply in personal crisis situations we might be going through (financial, relationship, marital, etc.).

“When going through a crisis situation–the biggest question of all is whether or not you will be able to handle the reality of the situation in your head and heart: DO YOU HAVE THE WILL TO SURVIVE?

I am the most dedicated to the commitment that I will fight death in all its forms. I will cheat it every chance I get; I will take every advantage I can get away with; and I will never, ever, EVER give up…….I AM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW THAT THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON IN THIS BOOK: NEVER QUIT!

There are several elements you need to develop a strong psychology of survival—get prepared by learning and practicing the skills and knowledge offered here; build confidence that you’ll always make it; learn to face the negatives; always use your head and your heart; know the reasons why you must survive; and, of course, NEVER QUIT

No matter what your circumstance, the most important aspect of survival is psychology. This ironically is the easiest and simultaneously most difficult part to teach, because it is the only thing that absolutely must come from within in……most of my survival courses, since they are usually with regular folk and not woodsmen, take the form of helping students to find this key element within themselves –the WILL TO SURVIVE….all the other skills and knowledge I teach are useless without it!”

Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual – Mykel Hawke


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