Estimates claim that nearly 40% of Americans will be …


“Estimates claim that nearly 40% of Americans will be exposed to a catastrophic event during their lifetime.” Cody Lundin.

Not only do catastrophes happen in nature (tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis, forest fires, etc.), but what about an unexpected financial crisis? What about a devastating divorce? What about an unexpected loss of a loved one? What about an unexpected loss of a job?

Here are a few thoughts about survival worth mulling over? Although the direct context of these “survival tips” have to do more with being outdoors when some kind of catastrophe occurs, I believe the suggestions could be applicable in many other contexts–maybe even yours.

“Survival planning is nothing more than realizing something could happen that would put you in a survival situation and, with that in mind, taking steps to increase your chance of survival. Thus, survival means preparation.
—101 Survival Tips—dept. of the army

-surviving a life-threatening scenario is largely psychological on the part of the survivors. Get this fact into your head now that living through a survival scenario is 90% psychology and 10% methodology and gear. Because of this, the “head candy” or psychological pep talk
designed to inspire confidence and a “can do” attitude is presented first…countless survival stories from around the world and even science itself support the fact that a positive attitude and mind-set are paramount to your living through a survival situation

Don’t focus your attention on survival situations and fear. Don’t focus on things that you don’t want in your life, as “where your attention is, there you are.”
Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny. –Tryon Edwards

“When all hell breaks loose”–by Cody Lundin


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