Enjoy your Madness


Like many, I’ve been caught up in all the excitement that comes with March Madness. One thing I’ve seen a few times now is a video clip of a coach telling his players to “enjoy the moment”. The coach mentions to his players that playing in this tournament before a national tv audience is an experience relatively few people will ever know.

I thought about this on my way to work the other day, that is, the need to “enjoy the moment”. My life, most likely like yours is not being captured on tv. As I think about it I understand that others are watching how I live my life. There is my spouse, my parents and brothers (and their families), my kids, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc.

Like the college players in the NCAA tournament, I’m realizing I have unique skills and personality that have led me to where I’m at in my life.

This time now is to enjoy because I will never, ever have it to live again. There is no practice to living life. It is game time now—ENJOY IT 🙂

Thank you for life!
Thank you my life!
Thank you for your life!