Suggestions to get through hard times


Life is tough and unexpected things happen that occasionally make life even harder.

Here are some suggestions for you if you are in one of those very difficult periods of time:

* hang in there -although it may seem like your world is crashing down on you, just hang tight through the rush of this wave of intensity

* when the “fight or flight” instinct passes, think in terms of “next steps”–one move at a time. Don’t look to resolve everything at once, or get back all at once to the way you have felt in the past—healing takes time!

* pray to the Living God of the Bible who says, “Cast all your anxiety on Me because I care about you”

* find a close friend to share your struggle with —you don’t need to go through the struggles alone when there are so many people who care about you and want to be there for you, just like you would want to be there for them

– keep in mind that you are not an exception when you go through these tough times. Others have unfortunately also gone through similar difficult times and have prevailed. You can too. Let others empathize with you and learn from how others have handled similar situations

– take your foot off the gas— that is, when some event rocks your world, adjust your schedule to free up time to process your circumstances. Not only will the extra time help you work through your situation more fully and in a healthy kind of way, but you will also avoid complicating your life by making mistakes at work (because your mind is not fully concentrating on your work), or unfortunately maybe taking out your stresses on someone else. Find some time to get a way.

– if your “tough time” has to do with some kind of loss of relationship, although it might seem odd to say, be grateful that you care enough about someone that a separation from them hurts. There have been times in my life when I tended not to care about anyone and was living in a continual state of “blah. Be grateful that this person has meant so much to you.


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