Why take your temperature?


Why does a person take their temperature? Primarily it is to confirm the suspicion that they are sick.

In a similar way, I would like to encourage each of us, when we have the suspicion that something is not right with us and we are displaying actions that are uncharacteristic, (getting impatient and angry with others, eating too much, laying around too much, overstressed, etc.) we take to heart these “symptoms” and do a quick read on our situation.

What I am describing is the important life management step of EVALUATION. To evaluate, we intentionally set aside some time to review all the areas of responsibility in our life, and the circumstances we find ourselves in, to see how things are going.

If we evaluate regularly, we will avoid having the major crisis times which cause us to display the uncharacteristic behaviors I mentioned above.

So, the important statement to make is not “yeah, I’ll do that when I have the time”, but rather, its “yeah, I see that taking the time for some evaluation is important, and I’m going to make the time”.


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