Receive leadership insights, book reviews, quotes and PLAY BINGO!


Starting March 15, 2015, in addition to receiving posts from this blog focusing on insights, book review, and quotes seeking to motivate us all to pursue excellence in all areas of our responsibility, I will also be adding an element of FUN! In each post, I send out will be a new Bingo number for those playing along on their own BINGO card.

To play this free Bingo game, you just need to become a follower of the blog. If you already are a Follower of this blog, you will need to send me an e-mail at with the subject line –“SIGN ME UP” to let me know you would like to play along. Then, I will send you a BINGO card for you to play along.

For new subscribers, after you sign up “to Follow” this blog, you will be sent an e-mail thanking you for becoming a follower of the post. In that e-mail, you will be asked if you would like to participate in playing “Foundations-BINGO”.

If you decline to play, no problem. You will continue to receive the blog posts as they are written, but you won’t be sent a free game card.

If you agree to play, you will receive a Foundations- BINGO card that will be recorded with your specific BINGO numbers.

When each blog post is written, there will be a BINGO number written on the bottom of the post.

As you follow the game along, if the numbers selected match your card’s numbers: either 5 in row, vertically all in the same column, or all in the same horizontal row, or in a complete “X” (top left to bottom right, or bottom left to top right), and you are the first person to contact with your winning card’s numbers you will receive a FREE, complimentary book.

Again, the first posting of Bingo numbers will begin March 15, ’15. Up until then, I will be signing up people to play the game.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Walter Hegel at


3 thoughts on “Receive leadership insights, book reviews, quotes and PLAY BINGO!

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