Only 54% of Americans do what?…


Being an avid reader, I can not express my gratefulness enough to those who have been reading role models for me and to those who have encouraged me to dig in to reading books.

The Bible has a verse in it that says, “he who walks with the wise, will be wise”. I don’t know where I am at on the “being wise” scale, but I know I have benefited from the thoughts of a lot of very smart people. Their insights have spared me from making many mistakes. Their experiences have heightened my appreciation for the uniqueness of individuals and of different places and cultures. Lastly, the stories of those who persevered in following their passions has inspired me.

Today, I’m writing a second blog (never done that before) because of this statistic that I came across. I read that a mere 54% of Americans read any kind of book last year, be it print or digital, fiction or non fiction.” Only 54%!
taken from

Friends, if you are one of those 46% who did not read any kind of book last year, let me encourage you to take a risk. What do you have to lose? Go to your public library and get a book on any topic that is an interest for you. Read it. Then, try it just one more time. Go back to the library and try it just one more time. Find another topic that has some kind of interest for you and get a book and read that one also.

That is my challenge for you. What do you have to lose? Not really very much. Just the reading of two books and if you want, you can go the Children’s section of the library to get the books.

If nothing else, you just joined a new club. You’ve left the 46% non-reader club and have joined the 54% reader club. Congrats!


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