“Leading with Questions” book review – Michael Marquardt


Think of a situation where a boss, or some kind of leadership board tells you what to do, although this leader (or leadership team) has never once asked for your input, or anyone else in your department. How did that make you feel?

In asking this question, I think I already know how you would answer because it has also happened to me. Under-appreciated, not respected, frustrated–are all emotions that come to my mind.

Leading with Questions” is a book filled with helpful instruction and testimonies of leaders who have realized the benefits that come with having a learning mindset and asking lots of questions of others. The alternative method of leadership is more in line with a “do it my way, or take the highway” approach where people are just told what they will do. Typically, this style of leadership not only results in a frustrated staff, but a very inefficient way of doing business as a lot of needless mistakes can occur that could have been avoided with just more input.

This is one of those books that would be helpful for a leadership team to work through.


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