How about not watering down your “sell”?


Some times when I’m trying to get someone to do something, there is a temptation to present to the other person, the easiest option. With that in mind, I found this article from the USA Today an interesting read.

“They (University of Alabama’s football team—I’ve added this) do a great job of selling to the kids that you don’t want anything handed to you,” Farrell said. (’s national analyst Mike Farrell ) “Nick Saban (coach of the University of Alabama football team- this was added) tells them from experience that if you’re handed the job and you don’t have to win it, you’re not going to be a success at the next level because nobody in the NFL will hand you a job. Whereas other schools can sell early playing time, they spin it the other way: If you want to be great, come here and compete for it and we’ll turn you into an NFL player.”

Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports —

So, maybe the next time you ask someone to do something, be honest about the challenges they can anticipate and the longer term benefits they can expect and strive for.


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