A Poem about our Time


Focusing on being in my lane (a reflection of the times in which we live)

Driving on a highway: fast and crowded, too crowded to move into a different lane.

I see down the road a directional sign, but I don’t really have time to read it because I need to keep my eyes on the road.

In the stress of staying in my lane, keeping up with traffic, I’m dazed by an unsettling and frustrating feeling that I think I’ve missed my exit…. but back my attention goes to staying in my lane.

In my peripheral vision, I see an attractive face in one car. I see two people arguing in another. I see an old man in an army uniform sleeping in another. The thoughts of these different people and even concerns for them (though I don’t understand why) come to my mind. However, I dismiss any further thinking of them because I need to focus on driving in my lane.

Though by now, I don’t even know where I’m going.


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